Vaccinations in General

Vaccinations are a vital component in protecting the health of your dog.  Below are the requirements for puppies and adult dogs.  Vaccination requirements apply to dogs using any of our services.  Exemptions are allowed for dogs that have a history of vaccination reactions.  We will honor the vaccination protocol outlined by Dr. Jean Dodds for dogs where minimal vaccinations are advisable or desired.

Puppy Vaccination Requirements (Ages less than 5 months)

Puppies can begin socialization classes once they have had the following vaccinations:

  • First round of the Distemper/Parvo combination shot
  • Negative fecal exam

We realize that sending a puppy into the world before it is fully vaccinated can be a risk. However, your puppy has a limited window of opportunity to be socialized to the world, dogs, people, sights, sounds, surfaces, handling, and grooming.  Dogs that do not receive proper socialization are more likely to be fearful of new experiences.  Fear is the main cause of aggression in dogs.  We minimize the risk of disease by thoroughly disinfecting not only inside of our building, but the parking lot and potty area before each puppy class.  We also have an ionizing system installed in our ventilation system that kills viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces.

Click the link below for instructions on bringing your puppy to class.

protocol for bringing your puppy to class

Adult Dog Vaccination Requirements (Ages 5 months and older)

Dogs can begin classes once they are up to date the following vaccinations:

  • Distemper/Parvo combination shot
  • Rabies
  • Negative fecal exam

Dr. Jean Dodds Vaccination Protocol

For dogs where it is advisable for minimal vaccinations and for owners who realize that vaccinations have suspect ingredients, such as Mercury, and do not want to expose their dog to toxic substances, the Dodds Vaccination Protocol is recommended.

The protocol involves specific puppy and first year vaccinations.  After that, vaccine antibody Titer testing is required every three years thereafter.

Learn more about the Dodds Vaccination protocol

Submission of Vaccination Records

You can either bring in vaccination records before your dog enters the building, or have them emailed by your vet to:

We do not have a fax machine.


Protocol for Bringing your Puppy to Class1 (pdf)